Awesome Chaotix

Awesome Chaotix

We at Play Sonic Games have a collection of online games, which you can play on your laptop or desktop for free. There are numerous games which you can enjoy in your free time or when you are getting bored. Awesome chaotic is a flash animation about sonic and his friends. Sonic the hedgehog is one of the fastest gaming characters. The Awesome chaotix is developed by Newgrounds. As this is an animation game, so you do not have to use the keyboard and mouse. Chaotix adds a number of new abilities to the character as well as bonus levels.

Awesome Chaotix is an animation game of the Sonic the Hedgehog series of genesis games. The main character in Awesome chaotix is Knuckles, who was introduced in Sonic the Hedgehog 3. He works at an amusement park, and his job is to guard the park and make it comfortable for the visitors. But Dr. Robotnik, the bad character in the series has wicked plans for the park. He has also imprisoned many of Knuckle’s friends. The job of Knuckle is to protect his friends and teach a lesson to the wicked doctor.

This is a pretty short animation in which you will find many characters like the crocodile, the armadillo, the chameleon and charmy bee. There is only one level in the game so you can take a walkthrough of it fairly fast. The game possesses extraordinary graphics and sounds for an awesome viewing and hearing experience. You would surely want to check out the animation game if you have not checked it before. Pretty cool but is relatively short, so you do not enjoy it much. Surely, kids will like the game as it more to their comfort and liking. So start playing it now and choose from various other games at Play Sonic Games. Enjoy and happy playing!

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